About the Memoir

This collection of memories is dedicated to Guv’nah Desmond Shang and the Vicereine of Caledon, Kamilah Hauptmann, as well as the other founding members of the sim now known as Prime:

  • Serra Anansi
  • Jaxx Ash
  • Kushiel Cerveau
  • Jackal Ennui
  • Gerami Fizz
  • Chrystin Hathor
  • India Ingersoll
  • Jefferson Gould
  • Meridian Maginot
  • Ordinal Malaprop
  • Yuriko Muromachi
  • Shaunathan Sprocket
  • Khashai Steinbeck

Without you, Caledon would not be what it is today.

This collection is also dedicated to all of those who have called Caledon their virtual home, past and present.

Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony for Caledon. ~From the Caledon Wiki



The collection here is by no means exhaustive, but a collection of snippets put forth to be shared by former and present residents. It was built in website form so that it might be a “living collection,” growing as more is submitted to the site’s main email address: caledon.memoirs@gmail.com.

For more historical items about Caledon, visit the Steamlands Wiki (which started as the Caledon Wiki) or the Caledon Flickr pool.

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FIC logo ~Fogwoman Gray